Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stapling Felt

So I was working on a layout today and I thought my little felt heart would be adorable with some ribbon attached. So of course i whipped out my stapler to attach is to a corner of the heart. Well that didn't work. I just smooshed the felt..tried again..another smoosh.

So I thought about it and put a piece of scrap heavyweight paper on the backside of the felt and voila...worked like a charm! So remember when you want to staple felt you need to add card stock behind and then trim around to avoid the "smoosh".

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fun with Felt!

One of the latest trends in scrapbooking is the use of felt on any and all projects. Many companies are releasing felt embellishments, and on these cards I used embellishments by Fancy Pants Designs. I love the texture that felt adds to a layout or card, and it sometimes even lends a "retro" feel to your project. The main obstacle to overcome with felt is attaching it to your project. After trying many of my mainstay adhesives and having no luck, I discovered that KI Gloo is an awesome alternative to regularly used adhesives. If you are planning to use felt on many projects at all, KI Gloo would be a great investment. As an alternative, I used brads to attach my flowers to these cards--no adhesive was necessary at all in those cases. You could easily use brads on other felt shapes as well. And if you're feeling really ambitious, sewing felt embellishements onto your project would make any layout or card look awesome! So have lots of fun with your felt embellishments--they are sure to add lots of texture and dimension to all your projects!