Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tips for Transparency

I thought I'd jump on here and share a few tips for attaching the beautiful transparencies that Noel adds to ours kits!
Here is a layout that I have done using "The 31st" Noel Mignon kit and I will show you were I placed my adhesive and how to incorporate it into your next layout.
And then here is where I placed my adhesive:
I placed a small glue dot under each of the green chipboard dots, and then under the large photo and borders. I will usually lay my layout all out the way that I want it (papers, transparency, and photos... embellishments are last) and then strategically place my adhesive under things so that I know it won't show.
I also placed one photo on top of the transp. and another behind it letting the pattern frame the smaller photo.
There are parts of the transparency that are not attached to the cardstock underneath but I am not worried about it coming up once I put it into my page protector and it will stay in place that way.
I love being creative with transparencies... with a few pieces of patterned paper and embellishments this layout came together QUICKLY using the printed transparency.
Other ideas to attach transparencies:
stitching (machine of hand)
Thanks for stopping by!