Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making ribbon flowers

I have a little technique that adds a bit of a different dimension to your layouts and it uses ribbon!

Here I just made a simple card and I have ribbon, a paper piercer, brads and scissors.

First, cross the ribbon; making a "v".

To make that "v" hold, place a brad through the 2 layers.

Using your paper piercer you can make a hole where you want the top of the heart to be.

You then flip over the ribbon to create the rest of the heart.

Secure by using brads.

Here is a layout I did using this same technique but the ribbon was thinner (and I think looks a bit better).

Hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Stuff!!!

Raise your hand if you played with Shrinky Dinks as a kid! (Me, Me!!! I did!) Well now you can play again with them as an adult! I punched out circles with my large Marvy punch and stamped my image with Staz on ink. I used my teeny hole punch for 2 holes to recreate a "button." Then you can either bake them the old fashioned way....in the oven, or use your heat gun. (Heat gun is my preference because it is much faster!) Did you notice the little yellow feather sticking out of the button? (Did I go a bit overboard with the chick theme? LOL!)
Here's another question for you....how many of you have flock but it just sits there unused? You thought you needed EVERY color at the time you bought them, but now they just collect dust!? Here are 3 ways I used flock on this LO. The first was with the title. I used Red Line sticky sheets. I ran them through my Sizzix machine to create the letter. Peel the red tape off and sprinkle with flock. (Both sides of the letters are sticky, so once you have sprinkled off the excess flock, peel the backing off and attach to your LO). Now I have soft, touchable title. I also took a plain white brad, covered the top with glue, then sprinkled the flock over it.
This cute chipboard shape was included in the Picnic Basket Add-on kit. I also covered him with glue and sprinkled flock on him.
Here is my finished LO! It is now cute AND "cuddly!"

And just so you know, this entire LO was from the Picnic Basket kit and Picnic Basket Add on kit. With the exception of the title, vintage yellow buttons and photo anchor. (There are only 7 kits left......Grab one quick!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

3-D Flower Embellishments

I love patterned papers with big, bold flower patterns! Why? Because it presents the opportunity to make my own 3-D Flower Embellishments! Here's how.

Choose your patterned paper. In this example I will be using the SEI Poppy from the Memory Lane Kit.

Carefully cut out several flowers. You can layer together larger and smaller flowers, but for this example, I cut out several of the same flower. I used one of them as the "base" and then cut out portions from the other flowers to layer on top, giving it a 3-dimensional look.

I cut out the center of the flower from the "base" flower because it would be covered up by the other layers.

Use foam dots/squares to stack the layers together. For additional height, you can stack two foam squares on top of each other before adhering to the piece.

If the design is too intricate to cut around, try using a circle punch and layering the circles together!

Here are several different flowers, all cut from a single sheet of paper.

Group the flowers together or use them separately to accent your cards and layouts.

This is one of my very favorite technique. I hope you'll give it a try!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Tips to Spice Up Your Ribbon!

I love ribbon- I mean, what scrapbooker doesn't have loads and loads of ribbon laying around, waiting to be used?

Here are five little ways I've discovered to spice up my ribbon and make it a little extra special on my cards or layouts.

(Oh, and I used the Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine papers for most of these cards, Prima flowers, some buttons, and of course, ribbon... and a handful of other things.)

For this card, I wanted a nice strip of ribbon to tie into a bow on the card, and I wanted it to stay put.

I cut a little slit on the fold on the card like so:

And then slide my ribbon through it, wrap it around the front of the card, and tie a bow.Then I added a flower, and a button with ric rac through it.

A happy little card with a jazzed up bow:I use this next technique so much, y'all are probably sick of seeing it. I'm a bit obsessed with it.

Cover the back of a piece of ribbon, trim, twill, or fabric with SuperTape.


Stick one end down on your project.


Then slowly stick down parts of the ribbon, folding and rumpling it as you go.


Just lovely. Look at that texture. Mmmm.


Here's something a little different, and makes the card unique (but you could easily adapt this to a layout):

Create a little tag (mine has paper, Maya Road Sheers, flowers, and a brad) and place it on your card where you'd like it.


Using a Crop-A-Dile, punch two holes through the tag and the card.

Layer two pieces of ribbon or trim together, thread it through the holes, and tie the tag on.

This is what it looks like all complete:

And a closeup:


This one is simple, but effective to make your ribbon look extra special- add a fancy little straight pin (or sometimes I use a safety pin!) and a tag and put it right through the bow.

Make sure your pointy end of the pin is tucked away so no one gets hurt!

This one is a little bit different- making an embellishment out of the ribbon:

Cut out a shape out of cardstock or thick patterned paper. Remember the color may show up a little.

Cover the whole shape in adhesive.

Lay strips of ribbon across it. This is a great way to use up scraps!

Turn the shape over and trim off the excess.

You can leave it like this...

Or sew around the edges.

I think it makes a really nice statement. You can make this REALLY big for a layout, or tiny tiny. It's got a lot of different ways you could go with it!

I hope this helps you use your ribbon stash in a new way!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ding ding ding...we have a winner

The winner of the ATC holder that i did the tutorial on is:

Commenter # 10...nanabeth....email me your snail mail at greta.adams@gmail.com
and i will get this out to you on monday! Thanks to everyone who commented.
mason ( my 6 year old) was my random number generator tonight because i have a case of the lazy's.

I am trying to cook up something for ya'll that i can do an actual video tutorial. I know a few commented and emailed me requesting that.... {deep sigh} now i would really feel like an idiot. None the less....

If you have a request for something why don't we leave a comment in this thread and that may give me some ideas for next month... :)

Happy Friday and congrats nanabeth :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

ATC Holder

Howdy from Greta Adams on Vimeo.
i must have had a little to much to drink...do you see that face...i should be ashamed of putting this up....bwhahahaha oh well...

Supply List:
Chipboard/Cardboard (not the corrugated kind)
papers of choice
twine (enought o wrap around your holder a few times)
button with holes
plain white printer paper (about 10 sheets or more depending on how much you want to hold)
liquid glue or double sided tape
crop o dile or small hole punch
trimmer with scoring blade
bone folder

Step 1

Cut a strip of card board with 12”Lx 3 1/4 W
You can see the measurements on the pic.
Leave it on the side to embelish it later.

Now you want to make some pockets to hold your ATC cards
Your measurements for your pockets is 9 inches L by 4 1/2 inches wide
Fold your paper at 3 inches and then again at 3 inches

Now glue the side shut with your glue and keep repeating until all 10 are glued together

Once they are all glued you will then put glue on top of one and start the chain reation

until you get this:

Your measurements for your paper that you will cover your holder with will be the same size as your holder :) Start covering your chipboard and embellish it however you want.

Attach your accordion inside some liquid glue or double sided tape in the middle. Just like you did with the pockets. Make a little hole on the top flap of your cover to close it.Pass a string doing a knot inside to keep it in place.

Make sure your string is long enough so you can go around about 3 times.Then to close it and go with the string around the button.

The last thing i do is after it is all complete i take and put some glue on the front flap as well that is going to fold up and adhere it to the accordian so when it opens and you pull it it will fan out. (does that make sense b/c i forgot to take a pic of that :( ? So in other words that part that has the flower and apple on it..adhere it to the printer paper inside as well... let it dry and then VOILA!!

This ATC was made using the Picnic Basket Kit and if you are not into ATC cards this could be great for putting those small stamps in like these and these.
If you make one please link us up...we would love to see it and as a little bonus
leave me a comment on this post and i will use the random number generator ( i love that thing ) to draw a name for this ATC holder as a Rak and send it to one lucky winner.

See you next month!