Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating "Dirt!"

On the message boards many of us gals participated in a Project Runway challenge hosted by Greta. We were to provide our partners with a sketch and they provided one back! My partner was Mia. She provided me with a fabulous sketch (Which apparently, I lost due to my computer troubles......) that this LO was created by! (Thanks Mia!) I chose these pics of my pup getting caught digging in the backyard. Instead of getting mad.....I grabbed my camera!

I wanted to emulate the mud that he had allllllllllll over his white furry body.....so I played with some supplies to recreate the look of mud.
Here's what ya need.......

This could also be great for creating "chocolate" for a chocolate inspired LO!!!!

One of the things I love about art...is the constant experimentation it provides! And sometimes you stumble across something wonderful!
For all of those muddy dogs, kids, husbands.....let me some LO with some "dirt" on em! : )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Interview Journaling

Hello there and happy Friday!  The other day while organizing I came upon an interview I had done with Alyson when she was 3.  I am not sure where I got the questions but I loved the answers she gave - so I decided to scrap them.

I printed the journaling on cardstock and added it to the layout - so easy.

It was an easy way to get journaling done and to mark her growth at that time.  I am going to do the interview again - I would love to see how she answers now.

Here are the questions incase you want to try this as well.  I know there was 2 one for mom and one for dad -  but the same questions apply.

1. What is something mom always says to you?
2.What makes mom happy?
3. How does mom make you laugh?
4. What was mom like as a child?
5. How old is your mom?
6. How tall is your mom?
7. What is her favorite thing to do?
8. What does mom do when you are not around?
9. If your mom becomes faous what will it be for?
10. What is your mom really good at?
11. What is your mom not really good at?
12. What does your mom do for her job?
13. What is her favorite food?
14.What makes you proud of your mom?
15. If your mom were a cartoon character who would she be?
16. What do you and your mom do together?
17. How are you and your mom different?

That's it - have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Low On Photo-Printer Ink?

Don't you hate it when you are low on photo printer ink, and don't have time to get new pics developed?

Here's a thrifty tip that doesn't require a photo for a layout, but isn't too "artsy-fartsy" looking! ;)

Make your child's artwork the focal point of the page!

I loved this "family portrait" that Emerson drew a few months ago right after Ariana was born. It definitely needed to be included in our family album.

I used the Playdate kit (sold out!) to frame it out and embellish it. It didn't need too much product on there because I wanted it to stay the main focus of the page.

The blues & yellows of the Lily Bee paper contrasts nicely against the white & red of the drawing, and a thin border of Pink Paislee striped paper makes up the frame. Scatted buttons add a little interest.

Circles cut from some October Afternoon paper, and then cut in half, make up the scalloped border around the Lily Bee die cut.

Hope you try out this thrifty technique some time soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Paper Braiding

So this week we had the challenge of using ONLY 8 manufacturers on a single layout.  And it was fun because I realized that I like to mix and match quite a bit!  But I finally got to dig into someof my new stash of things as well as some oldies which is the best!  And instead of just showing you my layout - I thought I could show you how I put together the braided border.
I used Melissa Frances paper and cut 3 strips to a little less than an inch each.  I left the length at 12 inches.
Then crumple the paper really well.
When you have all three crunpled you are going to be ready to braid.
I used glue dots to stick the ends together.
When you have them together then you can start braiding.
Since this paper was only printed on one side I made sure that my braid stayed put with only the print showing.  But I think it would be neat to use a double sided sheet for even more colors!
I find that I scrunch as I move down the braid - when you finish use gluedots to close the braid.
If you ever try this please post I would love to see!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Layered Strip Flower

I saw this lovely fabric flower on Rebecca Sower's blog, but since I'm a little fabric/sewing challenged, I thought I would attempt one made from paper.

First, I used scraps of paper leftover from some of my other layouts from the Sonoma County kit. I cut them into strips. They were roughly 1" wide, but I was particular about it. Some of them were 12" long, others were shorter.

I put a dab of adhesive on the ends and started folding them over. I did multiple "petals" from each strip. I really didn't have a rhyme or reason, just started folding.

Then I cut a rough circle from some coordinating patterned paper...

and sorted the folded strips by size, largest to smallest.

Then, using my trusty glue gun, I started adhering down the largest strips to the circle.

I kept adding lots o' hot glue and adding to the layers, working inward and smaller.

It gets nice and fluffy! You can squish it down some if you don't want it so big.

I added some more gobs of glue in the center of the flower and wedged in the smallest pieces.

I spritzed it with some Shimmerz (but I couldn't get it to pick up in the picture! Bad me!)

I had this flower sign from the Dollar Store, so I covered it up with coordinating papers from the kit...

and jazzed it up with some other pieces from the kit, slapped that flower on there, and then had a lovely new Spring sign for my front door!

You could make this flower much, much smaller if you did smaller and less strips. I want to make some more for my cards & scrapbook layouts. :)