Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make a unique shabby chic background

I got the idea for this technique after making a canvas decoration for my bedroom.

Start off with a piece of cardstock. I chose to use the tan piece out of the "Dear Santa" kit. Keep in mind that whatever color you choose will be "peeking out" from behind the treatment we do on it. This could be so cool with so many different color choices out there!

I keep a old book of catechism and liturgy to use for different projects. It doesn't really matter what you use, though- most of the text will end up being covered up.

Tear out random sheets and adhere them to the page. I like to tear my sheets up a little to make interesting shapes. I used my ATG gun to attach them to the layout. Some of my pages are sideways and upside down.

Continue to layer until you are satisfied with how much cardstock/text ratio you have.
Brush white acrylic paint randomly over the paper. I like to mostly cover the layout- but not entirely. The paint is brushed pretty thinly so you can still see what's underneath. Start with a little paint and add more until you are happy with it.
Add some Shimmerz spritz to it. (I used this one from the "Dear Santa" kit!) It adds a lovely shimmer (duh!) to the paper.
I think this makes such a cool background and could be used so many different ways: obviously, as the background for a layout, but you could also punch it, die cut it, apply this technique to chipboard or even letters... lots of fun ideas!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bookpaper Leaf Rubbings

Looking for a new way to add leaf accents to your pages? Try this technique! :)

First, you will need to collect various leaves from your yard/neighborhood. Collect small, medium and large ones so you have a variety of sizes to work with on your pages later on.

Then you will need some kind of bookpaper and several colors of crayons with the wrappers removed.

Next, place your leaf vein-side up underneath the bookpaper. Use the side of the crayon and rub over the top to create a leaf rubbing. The darker colors show up better. Try layering a few colors for variation!

Look how many different kinds you can make! :D

Cut out your leaves and now you are ready to accent your pages!

Clam Chowder by Jana Eubank

Have fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vintage Snowflakes

I love anything vintage or shabby and many people have asked me how I create my "vintage" snowflakes. So today, I am going to show you! They are simple to make and something you can make ahead of time.

Here are a few examples of past projects I've made using these glittery snowflakes.

Here is what you need to make 'em! Some type of glue......in my example I used Paper Glaze, walnut ink, Diamond Dust, and of course some type of snowflake die cut. (Mine are by Sizzix!)

First cut out your die cut shapes.

Then spread your glue on the snowflake......I use my finger to spread it evenly.

Sprinkle the Diamond Dust on top of it. Coat it generously! Let the snowflake dry. Sometimes it takes an hour or so.....depending on how heavily you applied your glue.

Once the snowflakes are dry put them in a pizza box or an old tray, in my case I used an old plastic tray that is gunky and icky! (Perfect for this messy project!) Spray the walnut ink on the snowflakes. Spray a few times for darker snowflakes, only once or twice for lighter ones.

You can dab a bit at the snowflakes with a tissue if it gets a bit too dark in one area.

After you get the desired darkness, let the snowflakes dry. Then you can embellish them with ribbons, buttons, flowers, rhinestones.....whatever you like! : )

Fun right? : )

Here is one more card!

I hope you decide to give these a try! Thanks so much for stopping by!