Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do a Little Altering!

I have a little confession- I have a horrible memory!

I call it "Mommy Brain Drain."

I've tried several methods to help me remember which bills I've paid, and which ones I haven't, but being such a visual person, I need something right in front of me all the time. I decided to make something to hang near my desk as a reminder.

I found this at Hobby Lobby on clearance (for $2!) to use for my little reminder board.

Not my style, so I needed to make it "me!"

With any project like this, I start by cutting out some paper the size of the object, and remove the little hook (I'll re-attach those later).
I then lay it on top and cut out the other areas with an exacto blade.
The I ink & distress the edges.
I adhere it down and OOPS! I cut it too short! That's okay...
...I'll just punch some circles, cut 'em in half, and ink the edges.
They adhere down nicely for a little border.
I don't like the top edge of the scallops being raw, so I cut another strip of paper and punch a cute border.
With some more inking of the edges and trimming it to fit, it looks quite nice on top!
Now time to do some embellishing (and distress/sand the black paint a little more).
Screw the little hook back on (I marked the holes with my exacto blade), and then cover the screw heads with rhinestones.
I cut out some cute tags and labeled each one with a bill I need to pay (home, phone, power, etc.). I punched a hole and tied some twine through it.

The plan is to switch the tags over from the left hook to the right one, once I pay it!
(Everything here is from the Seaside Cottage kit, except for the new Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type letters- which I LOVE! Oh and look! Noel has them on sale!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Origami Flowers

I have pretty much been a paper nerd my entire life. :) My parents own a copy & print shop which meant paper & ink were regular terms at my house growing up. One year my parents gave me a set of Origami Books for my birthday.

While cleaning out a cupboard last week, I came across them and remembered how much fun they were. I thumbed through the pages again and to my delight I found instructions on making an origami flower. As a scrapbooker, I KNEW I had to try it right away. Hehehehe!

Here are the instructions (click to enlarge and print):

And here is my resulting page. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Title Tip

When I went to do my title I realized I didn't have enough letters to spell out 'Valentine'. Instead I decided to abbreviate the word and use a symbol. This is also a great way to shorten a title to fit a space.

Replacing letters with objects and abbreviating titles are fun ways to add interest to your pages.

This is just one way to spice up your page, the design team each month will give you different ideas and fun ways to add interest to your projects!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creating a Rainbow Background with Copics and Airbrushing

I created this lil' birthday card for Noel's birthday using the Prima stamp from the Paper Doll kit. I stamped these gals with black Momento ink. I had this brainstorm to create a rainbow behind them.......

Here is how I did it! The ovals were cut using a Spellbinder's die. But an oval punch would work as well.
Ok.......I used an airbrush system.....but markers, paints, colored pencils would work too......
Just in case you needed a reminder of the colors of the rainbow......... : )
Leave just a sliver of paper showing and.......
Now, I am just using the "negative" space oval......

Here is a close up of the rainbow........

I hope that makes sense! You can create "rainbows" for your scrappy pages too.....or do this on paper and then die cut your letters...or shapes.........just sayin! : )
Happy Hump day!!!!