Monday, January 28, 2008

Use Your Pen!

One of my favorite ways to add detail to my pages is also one of the easiest . . . by using a pen! I know, I know. It can be intimidating at first. Believe me! I use to clam up just thinking about doodling on my pages, but once I practiced a little bit and learned a few tricks, it was easy!

A simple way to add doodling is to outline a few of your page elements. Add a border around a scalloped piece of paper. Add a line around a photo. You'll be amazed at the subtle detail it adds and the way it makes each piece POP! off the page.

Here I layered a thick line and a thin line for some added fun! Add a personal and artistic touch to your page by creating your own design elements. On this page of my daughter I doodled a cloud-like scallop border to frame her photo. I also drew a few flowers, cut them out, and used them to decorate my page.
The scallop border is easy. Use a pencil to draw a rectangle the size you would like your border to be. Remember making those fluffy clouds on your pictures in elementary school? That's exactly what you do! Don't worry about making them all the same size. Just play and have fun with it! Now, go back with a permanent marker or pen and trace the pencil lines you made. Erase the pencil and then cut out your design. You are ready to use it to frame your photo!
Ready to make some flowers? One of my favorite places to find doodling inspiration is from children's items . . . clothing, bedding, home decor. These flowers are from a home decor item from "The Land of Nod". You can even use one of your doodled shapes as a journaling block!
Create the flowers the same way you made your scalloped border. Draw your design in pencil first.
Next, use a permanent black marker to trace the lines. After you've erased the pencil, you are ready to color your designs. I used Prismacolor colored pencils, but your children's pencils will work great, too! I used a colorless blending pencil to make the color look more even. Another fun way to color in your designs is by using watercolors. This is where the permanent marker comes in handy. If you use a water based black pen to trace your designs, they will bleed when they come in contact with the water, so just be aware. Another fun place to get doodling inspiration is straight from your scrapbook papers! These flowers were copied from this sheet of Imaginisce patterned paper.
Use your design on your pages, or create a fun card! Here I outlined the floral design in the 7 Gypsies patterned paper to give it a different look.
Use your pens to outline your letter stickers. I do this a lot! I love that it gives me a completely different look, and it's quick to do.

Last, but not least, use your pens to add your handwriting to a page or project. It's a great personalized touch that will certainly be treasured.


Adrienne said...

How very cute!!! I need to use my pen more!! Great job!

AshleyS said...

you rocked these projects!!!

noelmignon said...

Wow...wow...wow!! I will be using my pens from now on! Thanks for the inspo Jana!

Paper Propaganda said...

awesome work!! i'm holding my pens on my lap now... and i have to go... trying them out! thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

awesome Jana! I love my pens! :)