Thursday, February 28, 2008

I’ve been having so much fun designing and fooling around with the aspects of acrylic albums that I thought I would share a few tips and techniques that I have learned along the way ...

How to Create your own Acrylic Album

I usually keep the front page simple, with or without a title, so I can maintain the integrity of actually being able to ‘see through’ the album. For example, with the cover on this particular album, I used a Hambly Screen Print and Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to fasten the print without actually seeing any adhesive.

I also love to use a lot of different size flowers, as can be seen with this album. The flowers help conceal the materials I use to adhere the supplies to the reverse side of each page. The flowers also provide a nice look when the album is closed.

Another product used to disguise the content is paint. I use paint to hide what is on a reverse page to permit back-to-back journaling with only paint being visible on both pages (refer to sample).

Florish rub-ons are another media I utilize as they can be seen from both sides of the page. I enjoy using the rub-ons because I believe they add a lot of colour and character to the page as well.
When you are beginning the design of your album, I believe the best way to initiate the layout is to continuously monitor both sides of each page to ensure you cannot see any adhesive or unwanted detail.
One handy tip is to use Mini Glue Dots and hide the dots behind buttons or similar embellishments.
Believe me, it sounds a bit tedious, but it is so much fun and the end result is absolutely spectacular.
So get out there and order an acrylic book today ~ get your flowers and lots of bling to add to your pages and show us what you do with your own see through album !!


AshleyS said...

this is great, Patti! I'm working on my first one and I can't wait to see the end result!

Adrienne said...

Aren't they fun!!?!?! Love this!

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Sonda T said...

awesome job!

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