Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating "Dirt!"

On the message boards many of us gals participated in a Project Runway challenge hosted by Greta. We were to provide our partners with a sketch and they provided one back! My partner was Mia. She provided me with a fabulous sketch (Which apparently, I lost due to my computer troubles......) that this LO was created by! (Thanks Mia!) I chose these pics of my pup getting caught digging in the backyard. Instead of getting mad.....I grabbed my camera!

I wanted to emulate the mud that he had allllllllllll over his white furry body.....so I played with some supplies to recreate the look of mud.
Here's what ya need.......

This could also be great for creating "chocolate" for a chocolate inspired LO!!!!

One of the things I love about art...is the constant experimentation it provides! And sometimes you stumble across something wonderful!
For all of those muddy dogs, kids, husbands.....let me some LO with some "dirt" on em! : )

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