Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making the most of your Kit

I know you all can agree that Noel packs her kits to the brim with all kinds of scrappy goodness - so there is never a need or a want for more (until her next kit comes out - hehe). But there are times when I only have one sheet of cardstock in that particular color and I need more (either for a photo mat or for journaling)---hmmm...well this is what I do.

And then here is the finished layout:

And you woouldn't have know unless you held it OR told you! Just a little tip that I find myself using! Hope you can too!

Michelle Lanning


Jazziemine said...

Wonderful tip. Something I use to do but Have not done for quite some time. I think i have become a little glue happy as of late and glue things down before i should... thanks for the reminder.

noelmignon said...

Great tip!! I was actually wondering if you did that because I noticed your tag... :)

Jana Eubank said...

Such a great tip!

Greta Adams said...

very cool...AND you can scrap the back of the layout too...i have done that a time or two...then the beautiful pp on the back don't go to waste....LOVE THIS!!