Thursday, July 31, 2008

Organizing inspiration

I love gettng my scrapbook magazines every month, but I don't like the space they can eventually accumulate. Usually, when I am skimming through my magazines I'll fold over a corner so I know that I can come back to something I found inspiring. I have found that eventually when I put the magazines away, I also forget about what I wanted to try.
Recently I went through all of my magazines and cut out the things that I really like and taped them to paper. I also tore out all the inserts for sketches that Scrapbook Etc provide. I then used a 3 hole punch and stuck all the pages in a 3 ring binder. I have all my inspiration right at my fingertips. Now, I don't feel so overwhelmed with magazines and trying to find that layout to lift or technique that I wanted to try.


Anonymous said...

That's cool! I have several years of magazines that I swear up and down that I am going to read and never do...

Kellanea said...

I do this exact same thing... but I do have one extra step the binder is divided into....
and wedding

It has been so much nicer than trying to track down where i saw something.

Greta Adams said...

that is what i do too...but i made me a cute little book from a compostion notebook...and OY...i forget to use it....cripes!! thanks for the reminder...need to get my butt in gear