Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tu- Tu Tulle

I have a new obsession.......tulle! Like I needed another obsession...right? I have found myself grabbing this light airy fabric a lot lately. I have been using it on my LO's as well as my cards. What do you need to attach tulle? Colored floss, fabric glue, or thread. Sometimes a combo of the three. For this first LO, I threaded my button and snowflake with floss, then tied it around the center of my tulle/tinsel combo. Using fabric glue, I glued the snowflake/tulle combo to my page. When it was dry I twisted the tulle a bit and tied buttons threaded with floss to it. Use fabric glue to tack down your ends.

This next LO is quick and easy! Just tie a length of tulle around the page. Cut excess ends off and add a drop of glue to underside of bow. I added some pretty stick pins to center.

For this LO, I tied my flower threaded with floss to center of tulle. (Tulle is a pale yellow here) Again, I twisted tulle and used fabric glue to tack it down. (Just an FYI, the current kit, Nightingale includes this pretty yellow tulle! This LO was created using this awesome kit!)

You can also create "faux" skirts with tulle! For this card I took a rectangular piece of tulle and folded it over several times. (Otherwise tulle it is very transparent). Take a needle and thread, use a straight stitch to go across the "waistband." When done, pull thread to gather the waistband. Knot thread. Again, use fabric glue to position "skirt" where you want it.

I did the same thing for this skirt, but added rhinestones to her waistband.

How about tying a bow with tulle? That's what I did here for this card. I wanted the cherub to look like she was holding it up! Easy right? : ) (Again, used the Nightingale kit for this card!)

Used lot of the black tulle for this one!

I hope I've inspired you to look at tulle a whole new way! It is a fun, light, easily manipulated fabric! : )


Michelle Lanning said...

girl I LOVE ALL of these - they are just beautiful --- and yes tulle is addicting!

p.s. you can send me that card with the tutu - hehe

Jana Eubank said...

Oh my gosh!!! Every single sample here is just too cute for words, Michele! Tutu-lly cute! ;)

Danielle said...

I need to get myself some more tulle colors :)

LOVE your layouts/cards Michele :D

Line said...

Being from Denmark I didn’t know what the heck tulle meant - but now I know. Turns out I have a lot of tulle and now I know what to do with it. Those examples are just too cute.