Monday, May 10, 2010

Making Flowers with Border Stamps

The NEW Lemonade Stand kit (Just 15 LEFT!!!) includes an adorable little stamp set by Prima with two lace border pieces. Naturally you could use these to add a border strip along your page somewhere, or even stamp several strips and create a mitered frame around the edge of your page or a photo. But today I wanted to show you how you could use the border stamps to create FLOWERS.

First, stamp your image repeatedly along a strip of smooth cardstock. I used the edge of the paper as my guide. If you would like a larger flower, simply leave a space from the edge. You will need two 12" stamped strips per flower.

Next, score your stamped strip along the design. You will want to score in two places along the design; the top of the scallop and the bottom of the scallop.

You will have something that looks like this.

Next, cut out your design.

Fold the strip accordian style along the scored lines. You should now have two strips that look like this.

Glue the two strips together end-to-end, matching up the pattern. You will now have a circle that looks like this.

Punch a circle from a scrap piece of cardstock. Apply a glob of quick-drying glue or hot glue to the center. Gather your circle together and push it down flat into a flower shape. Adhere to circle and hold in place until the glue dries.

This is what the back of the flower looks like. My cardstock dried a little off-center, but that won't matter because you won't see it. :)

The larger flower will have the white portion of the strip towards the center. Don't worry about that, you can cover it up with a flower center.

Decorate the center of your flower as desired with a patterned paper, fabric, felt, buttons, brads . . . it's up to you!

I chose to cut a design from patterned paper and then layered a dimensional sticker on top.

And here is my resulting page!

Page created with the Lemonade Stand kit.

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