Saturday, July 31, 2010

T&T: "Organically" Placed Elements

I tend to overthink things, like the placement of little stars, or butterflies, or what the heck am I gonna post for my tip & technique...

Even though I love an artistic/grungy/shabby style to my layouts, I still think and think and think on how to make my elements look "just right." I really admire the designers that are able to make things look random, yet planned.

A few years back, when the "scattered" look first came into scrapbooking, I came across a blog (and I wish I still remember where it was- unfortunately, I don't!) where the designer was talking about the technique I'm about to share with you.

This is the layout I made... but it needed something else to make it finished. I started with a couple of stars, but they looked too "perfectly placed."
I punched out and inked/misted several more stars from coordinating patterned paper from the Office Party kit.

And this is the technique for making them look random: just drop them on the page. Ha! I leave a few where I think they look good and re-gather & drop the other ones.

I keep doing it until I'm happy with the final result. Then I adhere down with a mixture of tape runner & pop dots.
(This star is punched through the layout and the back is a scrap of Hambly overlay to create a little "window" in the page.)
I used the same technique with the butterflies on this layout below. I knew I wanted them in a rough line across the top, but again, I didn't want it to look too perfect.
I just love the little upside-down butterfly for some reason. I suspect it's because I know that if I were a butterfly, I'd probably be the one flying upside-down.
I added in a few other scattered embellishments to add to the look. (This layout is created with a mixture of Lily Bee Designs products & items from past NoelMignon kits.)

I'd love to see your take on these random elements !:)


caroline hancock said...

Wow what an awesome tip. i too struggle with this and alot of the time i loave things out as they look to 'placed' on the layout im going to try this for sure

Michelle Whitlow said...

Love it!!! Such a great tip :)

Sally said...

cute layouts and such great tips, thanksfor sharing V xx

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I love this. It's fantastic! And the layouts are brilliant :-)

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a FUN tip! I'm definitely going to try this! Love your pages!

Terry said...

Cool idea. Thanks so much!

Gretchen said...

why do i think that if i just go dropping stuff on my pages it still won't look as good as yours??!!! ha!